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In 2010, he started a mozuku farming business on Hamahiga Island, where his father was born.
The store name "Majimuji Shokuhin" comes from "Komonji", the name of the letter where Higa Ward and Hama Ward, where the factory is located, intersect.

Mozuku from the Katsuren Peninsula in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture is the number one producer of mozuku in Japan. guessed.

We believe that Katsuren Peninsula, which is the only mozuku producer in the world, can become a global brand of mozuku.

To that end, we fishermen have a sense of crisis that we must also change.
We have broken away from a business model that relies on fisheries cooperatives, and are developing a sixth industrialization that processes and sells in-house.


As a first step, we have prepared a product lineup that matches the customer's preferences, such as "early picking", "mature" and "fully ripe" mozuku harvesting seasons, and we have tried new things such as changing the salt concentration of salting. I'm here.

We believe that by listening directly to the voices of our customers, developing products, and conducting production, processing, and sales in an integrated manner, the value of our brand will increase.


In the future, we would like to develop the market not only in Japan but also in the fast-growing Asian region, and revitalize the mozuku industry from here on Hamahiga Island.

Majimuji Food Representative Seiya Shimada

Company Profile


company name

Majimuji food


January 1, 2010


Seiya Shimada

Business content

Mozuku farming, processing and sales


258-6 Katsurenhama, Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture

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Fax: 098-988-5076

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