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​ Okinawa's strongest power spot


Hamahiga Island, a spiritual space.

​Island where Ryukyu opening legend lives

Calm sea of blue sky and emerald green.
Driving along Kaichu Road, you will see Henza Island on your left and Hamahiga Island on your right.
After crossing the Hamahiga Ohashi Bridge, you will reach Hamahiga Island, a small island where old houses with beautiful scenery still remain.

- ​Myths related to Hamahiga Island-

Hamahiga Island is said to be the birthplace of Ryukyu.

There is a myth that Amamichu and Shirumichu, ancestor gods of Ryukyu Kaibyaku, lived on Hamahiga Island.

The two of them landed on the island of Ryukyu under Tentei's orders and began building a nation.
Tentei gave birth to three boys and two girls.

The eldest daughter became Kikoe Okimi, who serves the gods, and the second daughter was made the priestess of the village.
It is said that the history of Ryukyu began in this way.



Shirumichu is a limestone cave in Higa Ward, Hamahiga Island. It is said that Shirumichu (Sinerikiyo) and Amamichu (Amamikiyo), the ancestral gods of Ryukyu Kaibyaku, lived here.
It is said that a child was born here, so it is also known as a power spot with blessings for children, and many worshipers visit.
The limestone cave is located after climbing 108 steps from the torii gate.

Grave of Amamichu

The grave of Amamichu is a grave that enshrines Amamichu (Amamikiyo) and Shirumichu (Sinerikiyo), the ancestral gods of Ryukyu Kaibyaku. After crossing the Hamahiga Ohashi Bridge and drive left for about 1 minute, you will see a small island on your left. You can go across the pier. The sea and rocks that spread out in front of you will soften the feelings of visitors.

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